Your Responsibility to Others

And Our Responsibility to You

A company that is solely profit driven betrays both itself and society

Respecting individual liberties around the world, through your business operations and relationships with suppliers, requires an unwavering commitment to human rights. Businesses must be persistent in performing due diligence and instituting continuous process improvement. Suppliers and partners must uphold your ethical business practices and be held accountable at all times.

Have you ever mapped out your entire supply chain?

If so, you’ve probably noticed something interesting – the supplies and components and raw materials you use in your general operations and in the products you manufacture likely come from all different parts of the globe. Of further significance, you’ve probably learned this before having to go much beyond your tier 2 suppliers. Markets are exceptionally global these days.

Your global supply chain is an exciting business growth indicator, you have a responsibility to ensure the components and raw materials in your products are ethically sourced. One of the most concerning issues within ethical sourcing is human trafficking, and while human trafficking is known to be most prevalent in areas of the world with weak labor oversight… the truth is that human trafficking is present in the United States.

Our commitment

Darkness2Hope, a non-profit corporation, is committed to the eradication of human trafficking in the labor force in the United States. Through providing templates and consultative services to assist with the assessment of existing supply chains and development of anti-human trafficking policies for organizations in every sector, we strive to deter instances of human trafficking in the operations of businesses in many sectors.

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