High Tech Approach to Detect & Deter

Utilizing data collection and analysis to identify potential human trafficking in an isolated environment.

Data collection and analysis

Darkness2Hope assists organizations engaged in the fight against human trafficking with the development and deployment of data collection and assessment tools that are designed assess commonly collected non privacy related data points and correlate historical and gathered data to identify targeted areas of concern. Our solutions enable organizations and government agencies to target operations at specific identified properties and venues, and to discreetly implement operational and policy changes at specific sites without wide-spread or national changes.
Our solutions draw upon physical and documented cases together with survivor experiences, anti-human trafficking subject matter experts, and on the ground foundations to develop in-depth situational knowledge of methods being used by perpetrators at specific sites. We use this information to define system and site specific APIs and to target data for collection in the solutions we develop.

By taking a long-term data approach, our solutions act as invisible isolation and detection systems that identify actions which warrant further investigation by appropriate resources and law enforcement agencies.

Help at the push of a button

By arming your location with Darkness2Hope, you can disrupt potential trafficking situations and protect your guests. Darkness2Hope's panic buttons and alert systems are designed to help victims quickly summon the help they need while protecting your other guests through the use of targeted and mass notifications.

Simple Button Press

A guest in need of assistance can surreptitiously press a button to alert the proper authorities.

Mass Notification

You chose to whom and how mass notifications are sent (Front Desk, Security, 911 or all at once).

Additional Alerts

Available alerts also include emergency weather, active shooter, and so much more.

24/7 Support

No technical experience needed, we do everything for you.

Personalized for your Property

Trained team members will assist in conducting a needs assessment for your property to determine the proper set up.

Additional Notifications

Groups and individuals from outside of your organization, such as survivor support groups and lawyers, can also be notified.

Identity Verification

Integrating ID verification into self check-in systems for hotels will make potential traffickers, or those that utilize trafficking services, more wary about using that location for their activities.

A scan of the ID, along with a real-time photo of the individual, will verify that the person on the ID is the one using the kiosk. The reservation confirmation code, and a check with the PMS, will confirm the contact address as an additional safeguard.

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